Random Stuff..

Today is Friday...I am lucky or unlucky enough to be home waiting for an inspector to come and see my new AC unit.. I must wait 7-5. So here are a few random things I decided to post this morning.. First is a gift from a crochet friend. She sent me some baby yarn, I love baby yarn! and a little angel and a crochet hook made from a chop stick I love it!!! I was so suprised!

Next Sarah London had a sale a few weeks ago. I was able to purchase this Cath Kidson kit from her pretty cheap...20 bucks or so but the shipping from her was 22! Go figure.. I am excited to start this blanket but must finish other projects first! This kit came with a hook, a needle and directions how to make a granny square just not how many to make for that blanket...oh well I am sure I will figure it out..

Lastly is my quilt. I love to decorate with quilts. I see so many people on the internet the way they decorate with things amazes me! I wish I had that natural talent. Here I sit drinking my coffee reading magazines, waiting for my inspector to come! Later Ya'll! D


Pammy Sue said…
I'm totally jealous that you got some yarn from Sarah London. I've never ordered any because of the shipping charges being more than the purchase would be. I look forward to seeing what you make out of it.

Have a great weekend.
Posy Linda said…
Serious Sarah London yarn envy! At least you had some time to ponder what do with the yarn. Have a fantastic weekend!

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