Dog Days of Summer...

Thats what they have been for me...First washer and dryer went...then A/C went...Let me tell you, July in Florida is not the time to be without AC! My living room was one hundred degrees...I came home from work, undressed and laid in front of a fan..Not a pretty site..I was miserable..
This went on for weeks! Why because we had to shop around..Now thats what I call fun. My husband does not really mind the heat. Anyway to say I have been cranky these last few weeks is an understatement..Then for the installation, they told us the attic opening was too small and the new unit would not fit. We had to make a new hole!!! In my spare room...Nightmare.. Now I have two attic space holes in my house. I am just thankful it is over and I can put this behind me in my nice cool house..Yea Me!

I am posting some pictures of a few quilting items I was working on while they were putting in the of the workmen came in my sewing room to "see what I was building"
I had nervous energy while they were working and finished this one quilt I have been trying to finish since my mom was here..No motivation..Finally, I decided to free motion quilt it. I did about half of it and decided I hated it..So I took all one Sunday afternoon and pull out each stitch. My new approached was just to do lines, I am happier with it.
Now I am just sewing on my binding by hand, actually my favorite part to do. The other blocks are a quilt I am starting, I got a stack of 15 fat quarters on sale at Joann's Seven dollars! deal! I have 60 squares from it.
Next picture is of some old retro, maybe 70's sheets..five dollars at the thrift shop. They make some neat backing for quilts or maybe squares? Hmmmmm Till next time!


Pammy Sue said…
I love those purples and greens! It'll be so pretty when you get it all together.

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