Wool Eater Done!

Wool  Eater finally done...I call it the blanket of pain. I started this during a really rough time in my life in order to try and focus on something other than the pain.   I love the process, great pattern. This baby is huge and heavy.  Sorry for all the dark pictures its been raining nonstop for a week or so.  I love it did not measure yet wanted to take pics outside on the grass, maybe soon. This blanket was made of scraps mostly Vanna's yarn some others. I went with the theory what color looks good next. No rhyme or reason ! TGIF!

PS.  Blogger is not my friend.  I canot post like usual!  I dont know why the writing is in the middle..UGGG


hooksandyarns said…
Oh my goodness - what a great blanket! I love it. You've done very well with the color placement too - looks good. I bet the last few rounds were a bear to crochet - probably took 50 years. Have a good day. :)
Home Meadows said…
Denise, your blanket is gorgeous and the colors works beautifully together. Wishing you a great Friday and a happy weekend. Heather
Pammy Sue said…
No Way!!! A bed-sized Wooleater! It must have felt like FOREVER. It's fabulous! Mah-velous, Dah-ling! I can't get over how big it is. Was it more than a skein for each of the last rows? This is really impressive.
Sandy said…
It is absolutely gorgeous! I love the healing powers of crochet :)
Kris said…
Denise, it is fabulous! The colors are so wonderful!!! Wow!!
xo Kris
Lisa said…
Wow, what a gorgeous blanket. How long did you work on it?
Have a nice weekend.

Beautiful Denise......lovely strong colours and it looks really warm,
I see you have an eye for colour!

If only it would rain here...everything is so very parched! A good storm would so clear the air....thank goodness for AC.

Giveaway on the go ....two days left!

keep well

Amanda :-)
Kate said…
It's so beautiful! You did an AMAZING job! Congratulations :-)
Mereknits said…
YOu are amazing, I love it. So big and colorful. Hopefully some of the pain you were experiencing went out your fingertips as you worked on this blanket. Enough of the storms already don't you think?
Teresa Kasner said…
Wow, what a big, wild, wonderful, colorful blanket! I bet you're glad it's done so you can start something new. Good job!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
Lynne said…
Holy Smokes! That is one amazing blanket. Beautiful job, love all the colors.
heather said…
Love it!! Gorgeous and huge! Great job!
Unknown said…
It is beautiful! I like that you went with the rectangle pattern instead of the square. How long did it take you? I just started mine this weekend. It is so addictive I have been neglecting my schoolwork.lol

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