A Wild Hair!

I got a wild hair up my butt yesterday..Did anyone ever say that to you? Anyway I did and decided even though my parents will be here in days and I have a billion things to do that I needed to crochet this tea cozy... I fell in love with this one from Crochet with Raymond. But started to knit it and realized I dont knit that fast. So I crocheted the pot area of this last night and the roses after work today. I have also been working on this scarf..I adore this yarn and this scarf. I got the idea HERE Dawn Sparks so creative! Visit her blog you wont be sorry! You take two totally different yarns. I stayed closed to the same families of colors.. and you knit two purl two across and then change colors every two rows it is amazing how the colors come together.. Oh yea it needs to be varigated! And PS this yarn is amazing. I thought oh no not another celebrity yarn.. but it is so soft and drapes so nice and no pilling.
I am questioning my reasons for blogging lately a few of my friends have dropped off the blogging circut.. I am not sure.. I really enjoy my friends out here but it is hard to find the time.. Till later!


Pammy Sue said…
I will miss you if you go! I wish you wouldn't, but I know life can get busy sometimes.

Love your teapot cozies and embellishments. Seeing Dawn's knitted things has made me wish I could crochet before. I love her things!
Reality Jayne said…
Debra N. does have good yarn. I like the new blog look ...I think you should keep blogging ...i enjoy your projects
Typstatting said…
Love the teacosy I also have the pattern and will start on it soon just adore the colours of the scarf!
Unknown said…
I love your blog, I really hope you reconsider and don't stop. I really enjoy seeing all your projects!!
- said…
Well, I tried to leave...but that only lasted 2 weeks. It's really become part of my life whether I'm busy or not. I really think this time of year has a lot to do with it. You could just take a break and see how you feel. We all love you and what you have to say and show us all but we understand about life and it's little pathways so don't fret about it, okay?
deebriese said…
Thanks guys! hugs to you all!
Doris Sturm said…
Lovely tea cozies!

I know what you mean about finding the time. I used to feel pressured and stressed over having to blog every day, but that got too overwhelming for me. Some of my friends post every single day and me, trying to be a good follower, feel obliged to comment, but I simply can't keep up - I mean, I have a life to lead and I'd spent 1/2 day on the computer sometimes and still have not be caught up...I now just blog when I can and I actually enjoy the days when I don't have to turn my computer on all day long -
Well done! Very nice tea cozies and I love the yarn. Lovely colours.

Please don't leave us. You don't have to blog or post a comment every day or week, we will understand.

Have a nice day.
I agree with the others. Your tea cozy is very pretty and I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you have a wonderful day. Heather
glor said…
Ohh, don't go for good, maybe slow down a little, you know that we would miss you! Your tea cozy is great and the scarf is wonderful. Blessings to your day.
Marla Kellman said…
I've just found this blog and I think your writing timing is hilarious! I love it! That tea cozy is beautiful as is the scarf you've probably finish by now. Have a great weekend.
hooksandyarns said…
I love your tea-pot cosie - kind of makes me want to start drinking tea just so I can get a tea-pot. :)
Dawnie said…
I still read and holy crap that tea cozy is awesome!
Dawnie said…
I read your blog...don't stop! And holy crap that tea cozy is awesome!
Love this tea cozy! Wish I could knit or crochet. So stinkin' cute!

Hope you find time to come back and blog. I know it's time consuming but the connections are wonderful!
You did a fantastic job! I love it! ♥
elizabeth said…
Your tea cozy is GORGEOUS!!! Can you pretty pretty please with strawberries on top publish your pattern? I know it's a pain to write stuff out aafter you've made something up without a pattern but I would LOVE to try this. I read Crochet with Raymond, but I think you may have topped her tea cozies!

Oh, and please continue to blog. Just do it at your own pace. I haven't written anything on mine for almost a month just cause I didn't want to force anything. I'll get back to it when I feel better. You just do it in your own time.


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